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Claims & Excesses

Making a new claim or existing claim enquiries:

  • Where possible, have your policy number and expiry date with you before you contact us.
  • Contact the specialist motorcycle claims team as soon as possible. Phone 1300 365 354, fax 1300 361 210, email
  • Go to the QBE Motorcycle Claims page
  • Lodge your claim online
  • Obligations - as the insured party, you have an obligation to take appropriate action to limit or prevent further damage after the initial incident.
  • Where required to do so by law, or if the incident is significant, report all matters to the Police.
  • If your bike is unable to be ridden, or if you feel it may sustain further damage if ridden, please call for a tow truck. If you have gotten your bike home after an incident, call QBE and we will arrange for a motorcycle specialist to collect your bike and take it to a recommended bike repairer.
  • If you are unable to contact QBE, please deliver your bike at the nearest secure location and contact us as soon as possible. 

Refer to the Excesses in the PDS for what excesses you may have to pay. 

  • Standard excess - $500 for most bikes and $600 for sports bikes. Your standard excess is printed on your policy schedule.
  • Age Excess - $500 - If the rider  is under 25 years of age
  • Undeclared rider excess - $500 - If someone else is riding your bike who isn't named on the policy.
  • Inexperienced rider excess - $300 - applies if the rider hasn't held an Australian motorcycle licence for 3 or more years
  • Imposed excess - An imposed excess may apply to your policy where we would otherwise not have accepted the risk in accordance with our underwriting rules and processes - If your policy has an imposed excess it will be printed on your schedule.
  • Named rider excess -  your riding / driving history includes disclosure(s) that generate a named excess If you have a named rider excess it will be printed on your schedule.
  • Rider Training Excess - $500.00 - applies when you are attending an approved rider traing course. If your policy has a rider training excess it will be printed on your schedule.
  • Theft Excess -$500 or $1000.  These apply when you motorcycle is not securely garaged at night and / or if your bike is garaged within certain postcodes or exceeds a certain value.  If you have a  Theft excess, it will be printed on your policy schedule
Age & Inexperienced rider excess does not apply when the incident is a result of fire, explosion, lightning, flood, theft or where your bike is damaged while parked.